Large and small corporations alike have adopted health and wellness programs. Primarily, it is just the right thing to do for employees. The trend started off with offering gym memberships or assistance with smoking cessation. Some companies opted to become the leaders in the Corporate Wellness Movement by expanding their offerings to on-site fitness programs, health education and diabetes support groups. Now, with the global pandemic of type 2 diabetes, it’s time to discuss why these progressive companies should be offering, maybe even paying for in part or whole, the type 2 diabetes reversal, otherwise known as metabolic surgery.

I’m sure most type 2 diabetics intend to control their blood sugar properly. I can’t imagine anyone sets out to keep their blood sugar out of whack. My dad attempted to control his but he would often “reward” himself with a bowl of ice cream, a huge glass of orange juice, or even a couple of slices of buttered white toast. Even if we removed all of the sweets from his reach, he’d venture to find a snack that wasn’t the best option. There were times when I thought we were doing well managing his blood sugar and after the finger stick, I sat perplexed at the 300 or even 400 mg/dL reading – a far cry outside the “normal” level of 80-120 mg/dL. It became an automatic question to him: “WHAT did you eat?”

This was often what we saw in the Wound Care centers I managed on the east coast. About 80% of the patients were diabetic and often they had to forego their hyperbaric treatment because their blood sugars were too out of range (ie, uncontrolled). Sadly, this uncontrolled blood sugar erodes the organs and was the reason many were on dialysis 3 times per week (due to kidney failure) or had significant heart disease or were almost legally blind or had undergone amputation of a foot or a leg. I had watched it personally with my own dad and suddenly in my professional life witnessed the repetitive and daunting story. Still, it felt like no one really was taking notice. Sure, there were stories about diabetes and how bad it had become globally, but to my knowledge and despite decades of research, I was not aware of any CURE.

When I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and started on the medications, it seemed easy to keep in check. Over the next four years, however, I found the numbers creeping up… suddenly, the 120-130 average reading was now frequently 160’ish. This spelled TROUBLE. I had witnessed it firsthand, over and over again. I was headed for the same plight, that is, until the CURE punched me in the stomach.

After studying the medical tourism industry and deciding to launch a healthcare executive led organization catering to those who need affordable world class healthcare options, I found our partner physician Dr. Jacobo Zafrani had performed hundreds of type-2 diabetes reversals and had success in 96% of his patients with less than a 1% complication rate. The patients who experienced success reversed their diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol within 3 days of the procedure. So I ventured off to the beautiful Joint Commission International accredited facility and had the modified gastric bypass done for myself. Like magic, I immediately discontinued all medications and my blood sugar and blood pressure levels normalized.

So for all the curious out there (or CUR-E-ous as I like to refer to it), what’s the reason a company should provide the type 2 reversal? Aside from it being the right thing to do, and potentially a real CURE, those with the disease have a significantly better chance of avoiding organ failure or damage, blindness and amputation. Eliminating the disease, combined with the weight loss that occurs with the treatment, one can conclude a longer, more productive life and likely an even more loyal long-term employee. Companies who engage in helping their employees with this effort will also reap great financial reward simply from the savings of the typical healthcare costs associated with diabetes.

Cathy Nenninger