You’re an executive of your self-funded company looking for solutions to provide the best for less. It’s a challenge. No one wants to sacrifice quality for lower cost. And here, you don’t have to.

We at New World understand that it’s difficult to imagine going for medical or dental care outside the continental US, particularly when we have excellent healthcare in our own backyards. As healthcare executives who managed hospital departments and ensured we exceeded the stringent Joint Commission accreditation requirements, we only accept World Class Care. Let’s face it. America’s healthcare costs are out of control and options are waning. We’re already seeing physicians closing their practices, patients experiencing longer wait times and delays for care, and costs continuing to rise. Walmart, Lowe’s and PepsiCo have already taken added medical tourism to their offerings. As a leader in employee wellness, join this movement and New World will make it as easy as Step 1, 2 and 3.

Test it out! Offer care to 10 employees and confirm it’s right for your team!

Give the services the attention they deserve before you discount medical tourism as an option. Give 10 or 20 employees the incentive to travel and secure the care they need. We’ll share a full report of the savings and the employee satisfaction report following the care. You can hear for yourself how pleased the employees are.

Our special offering to your employees

Not quite ready to send 10 employees? Sometimes, supporting one simple solution can bring a monumental improvement in the global health of your employees, including longevity, productivity, positivity and sheer loyalty. Either or both the type 2 diabetes reversal or gastric bypass are perfect offerings for those who have worked hard to correct their situation but feel like they have failed and are ready to ‘give up.’ Request a sample draft brochure (see image below), to be refined with your own highlights, which we can send to you electronically or have printed in bulk, to be distributed in your employees paychecks/stubs, and posted with your human resources offerings.

We invite you to see our facilities

Still not convinced? Want to see it for yourself? Have some dental work done or a comprehensive executive physical. See the services and physicians for yourself. Tour our facilities and meet the team. You will be glad you did!
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