Self-Insured Organizations

Network providers that deliver One Price Healthcare™, full concierge service for employees to utilize the medical network, price certainty for over 77 surgical procedures, and education for employees integrated into benefit presentations.


The ACA prompted fundamental changes to U.S. healthcare, and more changes are on the way. There are shifts to high-deductible HSA plans that show employees are reacting to the cost increases that affect them directly. Companies can respond by taking control of their health costs and working with partners that are committed to reducing costs. New World Medical Network™ will work with its U.S. providers, physicians, hospitals surgical centers, and your Company to significantly reduce these costs.

We work with your existing structure of Administrative Services Only (ASOs), Third-Party Administrator (TPAs) and Stop-Loss Insurers to make sure that your employees get the maximum value from healthcare benefits as well as reduced costs for their personal budgets. Employees are becoming more concerned with the cost of healthcare. Providing them with reductions to their deductibles and co-pays will have a much-needed impact of improving their morale and loyalty in a difficult economy.


Unions face unique challenges when considering healthcare coverage for their members. Many union employees perform heavy physical labor or work with dangerous equipment in connection with their daily jobs. This situation can present health challenges to workers who have to maintain their capability to work at productive levels. Using the New World Medical Network™ providers, your members will have access to quality healthcare.

Your members deserve the best in medical services. Our One Price Healthcare™ insures that they receive both quality care and a value that will eliminate much of the out-of-pocket costs they face.


Associations are very important to the people that rely on them. The association provides many benefits and other services to its members that make them more effective in the marketplace; often these include health benefits. As members face the rising cost of health services, association management needs to seek out partners who can help your group achieve its goals. That partner is New World Medical Network™ for health benefits.

The members know how important good health is to their ability to earn a living. Working with new ideas to help them achieve this goal with less cost is the true benefit to them.

Cities & Towns

Cities, Towns and Municipalities are always concerned with budgets that come under the scrutiny of taxpayers. Getting a good value on something as important as healthcare costs is a must. New World Medical Network™ helps you achieve this goal not only by reducing significant costs for health services, but also by delivering world-class providers your employees.

Public sector employees are already contributing to their community through their work. It is critical that their health benefits provide both high quality care and control costs through the use of providers who deliver price certainty with every procedure. At New World Medical Network™, that is our goal, as well.

TPAs & Brokers

Self-insured companies are continuing to strive to stay competitive in today’s market and they have a significant opportunity to save money on their health benefits. This requires out-of-the-box-thinking on everyone’s part. New World Medical Network™ delivers world-class providers with elective surgical procedures that average 50% less than local, community hospitals, and these providers are in the U.S.  We work with all parties in the claim process to make sure that employees have the maximum capability to participate in the savings generated by this New World of health benefits.

Companies need to work with their employees and their external benefit partners to arrive at solutions that will provide a significant reduction in business cost. New World Medical Network™ will assist in the Company in reaching these goals.

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