Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is New World Medical Network™?

A. New World Medical Network™ is the only organization to offer One Price Healthcare™ for various locations we contract with across the United States. This concept of domestic medical tourism is helping employees and employers alike save significant money as related to the otherwise rising cost of health benefits. We help self-insured companies, unions and governments, and their employees, control health costs. We negotiate prices with high quality health providers here in the U.S. presently for 77 different procedures and cancer care options. These prices are typically about 50% less than local hospitals and can save a company millions in its self-insured health costs.

Q. If my company offers your services what’s the benefit to me?

A. If your company has selected New World Medical Network™, you now have wider access to great care when it comes to your healthcare and you may have the opportunity to earn an incentive to make it worth your while to use us. If you find that you need a surgical procedure, you can either have the procedure in a local hospital, where you will have to pay deductible and co-pay amounts, or you can elect to use the New World Medical Network™ and your company will incentivize you for going out of your way.

Q. Where are these health providers located?
A. We have developed a network of providers in Georgia, New York, Oklahoma and Texas so far. More offerings are being developed on a regular basis. These are accredited hospitals and surgery centers all with the purpose of providing their services using a bundled price that includes all of the facility fees, physician charges, anesthesia, medication, other medical supplies, and all travel costs that occur into our One Price Healthcare™. These facilities provide a wide range of surgical procedures in orthopedics, neuro-spine, general surgery, gynecology, urology, cardiology and even a wide selection of cancer care using the advanced Cyberknife© device.
Q. How will I get to these facilities—where will I stay?

A. New World Medical Network™ provides you and your care companion with roundtrip airfare to the Network hospital facility. Once you arrive, all of your transfers will be handled by our car or shuttle service. You will be transferred from the airport to a hotel, we call your recovery retreat and on the day of your appointments, you will be transferred to the hospital and upon discharge, back to the hotel where you will recover from your procedure in a quiet peaceful environment. We will also arrange your home health nursing and physical therapy sessions in your room, as ordered by your physician.

Q. How long will I be in the hospital/recovery?

A. Most procedures take 1-4 hours to perform and you may admitted to the hospital for 1-3 days. Afterward, you will be transferred to our recovery retreat for a period of 2-11 days typically, but this depends on the procedure performed.

Q. Can I take someone with me?

A. Yes, our One Price Healthcare™ includes travel for you and a qualifying care companion. This care companion must be physically, mentally and emotionally able to help you walk and care for you in the hotel room and on the return trip.

Q. Will there be anyone to help me during my recovery with medical issues?

A. Your care companion plays an important role in your recuperation. We will send this person a list of responsibilities for them to consider, such as helping you dress or get your meals for you, as necessary. They will be there to help you follow the doctor’s instructions and we will provide any important telephone numbers they should be aware of.

Q. What if I have a complication after I get back?

A. You should be under the care of a Primary Care Physician (PCP) and make sure they are in agreement with the procedure before you depart. Upon return back home, this same primary care physician will monitor your progress after surgery, prescribe medications, and speak with your out of town physician/surgeon as needed for any follow-up care.

Q. What medical records will I need to provide?

A. You will complete an online HIPAA-protected medical questionnaire which will be reviewed by the physician performing your procedure. There will also be a phone conference with the doctor or his assistant during which he/she might request additional information like your medical chart from a local doctor, specific blood or urine tests, and/or x-rays, CT Scans, MRIs or other studies he or she requires to make a decision about your procedure.

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